Refrigerator Problems – Geek Squad

Refrigerator Problems – Geek Squad

Geek squad gives some suggestion related to refrigerator like an electronic system fridge also have many issues but geek squad support are here for you to guide. 

Fridge not cooling:

At the back of your fridge you have to check condenser is visible or not because it contains lots of dust and it is to be very dirty check it and clear all the dust from back then check it again that your problem is fixed or not. 
      Condenser fan is not working then it will not draw air through condenser coils over the compressor you need to take some help from electronic service and geek  squad support give best-repairing services  
A faulty start capacitor or start relay will not let the compressor work you have to take professional help, failure of temperature control thermostat not supply voltage to the compressor and if the temperature control board is defective then it will stop supply voltage to the cooling system. 

Defrost problem :

Defrost control board fails then refrigerator will not go into the defrost, if the timer of defrosting is defective then it not send power to the defrost heater.  
    Defrost thermostat is defective then it is not allowed to power to flow the defrost heater, if the sensor is fuse then it also destroy the defrost system, and the main control is not working or it is defective then iist stops sending voltage.  
For all these things you have to take help and our geek squad tech support agent are here to serve best services we give professional for this services to our customer.  

Only freezer cool  :

If the freezer remains cool but fridge remains warm then check, Evaporator coils are frosted over then defrost heater is defective and it will continue to accumulate on the evaporator coils only professional should fix this.  
Damper control assembly not open it would not enough to cold air in the fridge, also check temperature control board, defrost control board, defrost timer these all are working or not if all these things are failed then contact geek squad Canada  

Fridge leaked :

If your fridge leaking water then there may be 3 reasons clogged or freezing defrost drain if it is drain is frozen then the water will flow check the defrost drain to determine if it is clogged or frozen at last flush the drain with hot water and check then also check out water filter housing, water valve , water filter head and drain pan. 


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